Tuesday, September 2, 2008

...and then, GIAC in Long Beach

Fernando Romero

Girl In A Coma, the Latina trio out of San Antonio came to Alex’s Bar in Long Beach to play their fast-paced, gritty brand of alternative punk rock.

The band’s sound is like The Pixies and early Blondie coupled with the angst of Nirvana.

Bassist Jenn Alva was intense and energetic and the most vibrant of the group as she jumped up and down and back-and-forth on the stage.

Vocalist/guitarist Nina Diaz did the same and sang at the top of her lungs, while her eyes widened as if they would pop out at any moment.

Drummer Phanie D was relentless on drums, providing a beat prompting you to do something - anything.

At the center of it all was vocalist/guitarist Nina, with her stylish, rocker-crooning voice like a cross between Morrissey and Björk. Nina has a voice that makes you lift your head from whatever drink you’ve buried yourself into and pay attention, This was so on "Their Cell," which has melancholy lyrics like "tattooed lovers, they don’t like to reminisce/keep pictures of the ones you once loved." This line, this song is about longing and loss, with infectious melodies and harmonies and her vocals are emotive as if they could reach down into her pathetic, barely-beating heart to rip open the pain from her chest and share it with you.

Fans sang along to songs from the band’s debut album Both Before I’m Gone. The band also introduced a handful of unreleased songs including "BB," "Ven Cerca," and "Slaughter MM," all of which sounded tighter and tougher than the ones fans who have seen the band repeatedly have become accustomed to. Nina’s voice was moving, it was melodramatic and wound up with exasperation, while the band’s rhythm remained alternative punk.

At Alex’s Bar, the trio merged the power of punk and alt rock with pop-y hooks and infectious lyrics, which left the audience asking for more. ¶

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